Today's Blast from the Past!

Today's oldie is the doll that scared millions of children to death and were the expensive revenge fueled presents that parent's just loved to give their poor children. That's right, it's My Buddy: the doll which more than likely was the inspiration for Chuckie. That creepy doll that no child ever really wanted. The doll that watched you while you slept, who's eye's moved of their own volition and who's murderous gaze caused nightmares that will never truly go away.

Thank goodness that Chuckie, uhm I mean My Buddy eventually died and was forgotten alongside other notoriously evil dolls like Teddy Ruxpin and the murderous Cabbage Patch crime family.

But more and more Hollywood and the world keeps resurrecting old and ancient evils. Digging up those ancient relics which should stay safely buried under the sands of time where they belong. It's just a matter of time, for we all know that evil never truly dies.