Reading progress update: I've read 86%.

Almost Adept - Olga Godim

I'm nearly through. I feel so horrible because it's taken me so long to read this one but it has nothing to do with the book on why it's taken me so long. I just haven't had time to read at all lately. I've been so busy working, transferring my site plus doing about a gazillion other things. I usually get a few minutes here and there to jump on BL and look at a few posts, mess with my site a bit and that's it and I totally messed up on transferring my site. I forgot to enable a plugin so half of my author info needs to be refilled again :(

On a bright note I'm really liking the book and a bunch of stuff is about to happen in the story :D I don't want to give it away. I've had a fun time with it so far, I just feel horrible it's taken me so long to read it :(