Groups and Groups of Spam! GRRRRRRRRRR......

Note from Jamie. I was wanting to reblog to show this list of spammers but it's  not showing the links. Regardless you can check out his original post to see them. This is the second person I've seen getting hit by these spammers. Not cool.


I just spent the last 20 minutes going through the Groups and reporting all the "business, property consultant and energy" groups that are obvious spam groups.


Westhill seems to be the worst offender however.


I'd like to know why Booklikes isn't policing this? I just spent 20 minutes and dealt with about 15 groups. Why isn't a Booklikes employee spending 20 minutes a WEEK and dealing with this? It isn't that hard and the spammers/bots aren't trying very hard to hide.



[insert loud swearing here] I don't want to be a Librarian! (or whatever the equivalent is going to be here) If Booklikes isn't going to give us the power to police the site then they need to do a better job of policing it themselves. 


I'm just grumpy...