Migrating my site over to Book Host :D

I'm going to be a bit more scarce for a bit. I'm in the process of migrating my site over to my new hosting provider at Book Host. I just want to say this IS the right choice for me and I'm so glad I made it. I love this new hosting provider and the person who runs it is so awesome.  For instance, I've totally screwed up twice and she's been kind enough to come in and help me and she's freaking getting married on Monday. I told her it was okay if she wanted to wait and help me next week but it only took her a second. Both problems were my fault. The first time I was using IE which I didn't mean to do. Internet Explorer sucks for everything lol. And the second time I forgot to turn on my Ultimate Book Blogger plugin so some of my file attachments didn't make the move over during the import. 

Both problems my fault, both problems fixed by her. My new site is super fast and I love that it's all ready to go with more than enough amazing plugins. I didn't have to install wordpress or anything. I'm just going through right now and fixing all of my settings to how they should be. For some reason I'm having a hard time with making the authors show up under the book reviews, I know I'm missing something somewhere but it's no big worry because help is a click away. It's super nice having hosting from someone who not only knows wordpress really well but also someone who knows my theme and plugin so well.  Most everything is done by the hosting provider and all I have to do is jump on and do a few tweaks. This place is going to be awesome for first time bloggers and I think in time it's going to turn into a nice little community. She has plans so you can see other people's  blogs so that everyone who's with Book Hosts will be able to see each other's posts etc and I just really hope in time it becomes more than just a bunch of blogs but sort of a little community sort of like booklikes that will connect all of us together. How cool is that? 

Okay, it's time to stop gushing and get back to work. I need to feed my poor neglected cats. I've just been having so much fun and really like this new hosting. One last plug because they rock: http://bookhost.io/

I'll let everyone know when the transfer is complete so you'll can check it out if you want. It just seems so much faster than my old site :)