I've been watching a lot of fan made films on Youtube lately. There's some pretty good ones out there of the X-Men like the one's from Throwback Studioz (like this one) which Grimlock turned me onto. They're also fun for a good laugh like every time Nightcrawler is running the guy does this dinky little hop that totally cracks me up.  But today I found a Star Wars indie/fan film that is very good. It has some really decent acting, the special effects are great. I mean they look better than most of the crap sci fi channel puts out. It's in French but you can click on the Closed Captions and read what they're saying. I was just very impressed. The clone troopers look very good.  Oh there's a few cheesy moments but all in all it's one of the more professional one's I've seen.  Give it a try if you're into this kind of thing.


The dude's lightsabers look tiny though :/ 

It's: Star Wars - Versus: The Way to Shadow by Versus Thewaytoshadow