Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

World's Greatest Dad - Edward Lorn

OMG this story was so good. I really wanted to write my review tonight but it's getting so late and I'm just so tired. I'm going to do it first thing tomorrow after I get through shopping. Tomorrow is keep the cats happy day where I go buy them a crap load of food and buy myself some sandwiches :D I hate shopping day or better known as payday. 

But enough about my pets, you need to read this story! Seriously it just pulled so many emotions out of me. I've only read 2 of Edward Lorn's short stories but I am super impressed. Like I said before, there are full length novels that don't touch this many emotions within me and I'm not the most articulate or literate person in the world but I really think he's mastered the art of the short story. Okay, I'm going to shut up now and save the rest for my review so you don't all have to read the same stuff twice :)  Get this book though, it's sooooo good!