A Nostalgic Moment: That old thing in the ground or Vampires on trains :D

WARNING: There could be some spoilers here if you've never read the Necroscope series.

This was the very first book I read up on top of my old abandoned train car. I've told this story before but for those of you who may be new I'll go ahead and tell it again. I had a hard time during high school fitting in and when I was around 15 we moved to a new town. It was very small and I didn't have any friends. I was also having a problem with a few of the local kids. What is it about being quite and shy that just seems to attract all of the jerks? Anyway I just got sick of the whole affair and started skipping school so most days I'd walk to town, visit the library, grab a good book and then make my way to some old train tracks that were a little ways away from the shipping yard and back in this overgrown section there was an old train car just sitting there. Each day I'd climb up on it and just lay down and read a book.


This particular day was literally one of the first few times I'd ever skipped school (which I strongly advise young people not to do. I regret not getting a better education) and I had seen that old train but had never gone near it. That morning I went to the library and saw this book that just looked different than anything I'd ever seen before. It was Blood Brothers by Brian Lumley. I read it was about vampires and it sounded awesome so I checked it out and made my way to that train and for the first time I climbed that ladder and sat down on top and opened a book. The rest of that day was just pure magic.


Blood Brothers is unlike anything I've ever read before. It takes place on a world that's called Sunside/Starside by the local gypsy inhabitants. Once humans had settlements and most live on Sunside where there are more hours of daylight than night while the vampires live in Starside which is dark more often than light. So the humans are very much like gypsies. They're become nomadic and never stay in one spot for very long and constantly keep moving to avoid the vampires which hunt them at night. They hunt them for blood, to make new thralls, to build the insides of their aeries. They are totally twisted and evil vampires. Forget Anne Rice, these guys make Lestat look like prince charming.


They turn humans by leaving any part of themselves within the human. It can be saliva from a bite, it can be during battle. Some will break a part of their fingernail off inside a human's eyesocket when they kill them. Some will rape those they attack. They're just completely twisted. They look like humans until they completely change and then their jaws just keep extending and giant rows of dagger like teeth extend as their mouths fill with blood. All of them have some type of psychic abilities and some of them have amazing control over their own bodies and can use metamorphosis to control them. In a latter book there's one that looks like a giant bat and can fly. Some of them can turn their arms into these air foils and use them to glide. Some have other abilities like Necromancy or the evil eye which they can use to harm or kill with a glance. It sounds crazy but trust me it works. They use their own blood and fluids to create thralls, they can create these giant gas beats and horrible beasts of war made up of multiple humans and human parts. They ride on these giant flyers made up of human parts that have been warped and grown in their vats and they wear these giant gauntlets covered in blades, fish hooks, etc that are way larger than any human fist. When they put their hands inside them they extend their own flesh to make it fit.


During the book you read about two gypsy brothers who are the offspring of someone everyone keeps referring to as Harry Hell-lander who came from a different world and saved the gypsies. I was starting to think this one was a sequel early on but when Nathan is transported through one of the two portals in this world and ends up on Earth and finally meets up with British Ebranch which is a government branch dealing with espionage and when I say espionage I mean ESPionage then it was confirmed that this was in fact part of a larger series. Soon after I finished the book I went to a used book store and found five more books about the Necroscope from Brian Lumley and they were:


Necroscope II: Vamphyri
Necroscope III: The Source
Necroscope IV: Deadspeak
Necroscope V: Deadspawn


I devoured those books. It was so cool getting to go back and read about the original Necroscope Harry Keogh who is a man that can speak to the dead. In fact the dead love him so much that they'll rise from their graves just to help him. The first book he has to fight a Necromancer, one who rips secrets from the dead and can make them feel pain even beyond the grave and it's also his first run in with these vampires. This whole series is just on a level all it's own with it's sheer imaginative world and characters.


I'm not doing the best of job describing it but trust me this one rocks! Some people say to stop reading after the first five books, others say the first three. I say read the first 8 books. The Necroscope plus the Vampire World Trilogy. Anything after that is just fluff and not as good but those first 8 are just amazing. There's a lot of crazy espionage, psychic powers, vampires, action, etc. That first day reading this up on that train was probably one of my favorite days ever. Harry Keogh is still my favorite character of all time and these vampires are hands down my favorite. They're mean, nasty, intelligent and they can even harm you beyond the grave. Never let one of these guys into your mind of your own free will.


This is also the first series that truly made me love a good series and I can remember the next few years eagerly waiting for each new book to come out. I was working 9 to 5 at a Sonic and yes I was a damn fine burger flipper. I could totally flip a burger all the way to the ceiling and catch it behind my back. Sponegebob would have been proud. I didn't make crap for a living and could barely afford anything but I remember buying each book for around twenty something bucks just because there was NO way I could wait on the paperback to come out. The only other series I'd read up to this point was the Dragonlance Legends and Chronicles but I just wasn't much of a series reader. This book changed that and I still love a good series. My old train is gone, school has been long over yet still I have these memories. Even while other memories try to bury me in their darkness I will always have these shining so brightly that I will never get lost in the dark again.