If anyone find my missing post, please send it back home :/

Hmm, Okay last night I made a post about Bookhost which is the new hosting service created by a fellow book blogger and worpress guru but it was late, I was feeling bad and the antibiotics I'm taking are making me so sick so I just saved it as a draft.  Just a bit ago I finished tweaking it and published it but noticed it had yesterday's date so I edited it and gave it today's date and now I cannot find it anywhere.  So if anyone finds my missing post please send it back home and tell it that it's not in trouble :/  

Anyone else had a runaway post?  Stupid military time always gets me, I may have set it for the future.  Hmm, now I'm thinking about time travel, I've always wondered if there was a way to invent a program and send an email into the past and win the lottery.  I so wish I could write, that sounds like a great book to me :)

I've tried searching by tags but that's not doing any good.  I just can't seem to find it.