Pimp My Booklikes Blog Design Complete...

Reblogged from Parajunkee:

Note from Me, uhm Jamie: Congratulations!!!  Yes it deserves three exclamations. The site looks wonderful and I love the purple elephants plus the star ratings on the book reviews look really nice too.  I've been in such a bummed out mood and this totally made my day.  I like it when good things happen to people. Winning Contest = Good :D

You guys asked for it - so go check out THE GRAND WORLD OF BOOKS new design and let me know what you think.


For the design, it was requested that I use elephants and purple colorful tones. The first thing I thought was the Holi festival, when I was given that description. It's not as chaotic as that particular event...I did reign myself in a bit - but what do you think?


Stop by THE GRAND WORLD OF BOOKS to check it out live and give a little XOXO if you think the design works.