Book Host - New Hosting created for book bloggers and people who are new to wordpress.

I just wanted to let everyone know that BookHost is now live. It's a hosting provider created by a fellow book blogger and wordpress guru that is perfect from those wanting to make the jump from blogger to wordpress for the first time. I think It's also perfect for people like me who are new to wordpress and easily confused. Basically you just sign up and and that's it. No need to install wordpress, it's already installed along with your choice of premium themes and plugins available from If you've been wanting to try her Tweak Me theme or the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin then here's your chance. Both are valued at $35.00 and were worth every penny to me. Here's some info on the theme and the plugin:  

Tweak Me Theme

The Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin

Plus there are plenty of other themes to choose from. Basically any of them built by will be free for people who use her hosting. Other Themes that were built by other people not available. 


I use both of them on my site Jamie's Book Blog but I'm still a novice. I've seen some of the things that people who know html and wordpress can do with them and it's amazing. The plugin is what makes all of the indexes for my books look so nice. For instance if you'll look at My Reviews on my site you can search them by Title, Author, etc and that's all the plugin. I just had to create the page, menu, etc and it pretty much did the rest of the work. Same thing on my reviews, I just enter in the author details that I want along with a picture then when I'm writing my review I type in the name of the author, fill in the rest of the fields and plugin does it's magic. Okay I had to do some of the work but I never would have figured out how to make any of it look like that on my own especially without any html knowledge.

Here's a few examples:

Reviews by title
A Normal Review


I think I'm going to try and make the move this weekend and hope I don't destroy my site in the process. I really wish this had been available when I first started. It would have just been so much easier and I would have saved weeks on trying to find a theme, installing everything, learning about plugins etc. I'd definitely recommend looking into BookHost if you're new to wordpress or wanting to make the jump from Blogger. If you're an old pro at html and wordpress then it still might be nice just to have everything set up and ready to go for you. Either way give it a look and see what you think. I for one just really like the idea of hosting by a fellow book blogger and someone who can  help me out with wordpress problems.  

If you already have a site then you'd have to migrate it over to the new one which is what I'll have to do. Once I've finished then I'll let everyone know how the process went and what I think. 

It is kind of scary moving my site though. It was so much easier before I had built everything. I mean I'll still have the same theme but will have to go back in and set it how I like it and hopefully everything will go well. I don't know as much about wordpress as I would like to so it does freak me out a bit. Anyway I'm hoping to make the jump this weekend. Wish me luck.