The Hunger Omnibus Edition by Jason Brant has been released!

The Hunger Omnibus Edition (The Hunger 1-3) - Jason Brant

Sweet, I just saw this today.  Jason Brant has released an Omnibus Edition of his post-apocalyptic zombie thriller series The Hunger.  Each book is $3.99 while the Omnibus Edition is 9.99 so this saves you a few bucks if you were interested in getting it.  I loved this series!

Here are my reviews for each book:

1. Devoured: The Hunger #1


2. Consumed: The Hunger #2


3. Ravaged: The Hunger #3


I also love the artwork on the covers.  He has a seriously talented person working on his covers.  Actually all of his covers rock!  If you like love some mean mutant zombie post-apocalyptic destruction with great characters and lots of action then give this one a shot.