Am I missing something here?

Indivisible - Jessica McQuinn Find You in the Dark  - A. Meredith Walters

Okay, I was looking through a list of some published books that started off as fanfiction on goodreads and I ran into this book called Indivisible and it looked super familiar.  It took me a moment to realize why.  I had seen nearly the exact same book cover on A. Meredith Walter's Find You in the Dark.  


Find you in the Dark was published first and I don't want to actually accuse anyone of anything.  I mean maybe they  have permission, maybe there's enough variation. I mean they did add dog tags and a blonde head of hair in the background.  Still, it bothers me quite a bit to tell the truth.  

Can you normally pretty much just use someone else's cover? Can you hire the same models and use them in the same pose but oh I don't know put a purse around her arm and call it your original work?  I wouldn't! At the very least it's unethical but with Indivisible already being on a fanfic list it sure makes me wonder :/  


I mean are they different enough?  Not to me they aren't but that's just my opinion. 


Again, I don't know all the facts and maybe there's a legitimate good reason or someone has permission. :/