Ravaged (The Hunger #3) by Jason Brant

Ravaged (The Hunger #3) - Jason Brant

I just now finished reading Ravaged (The Hunger #3) which is the third and final book in the The Hunger and I was simply blown away. I think I'm coming down with the flu, my throat is sore, my nose wont quit running, my heads pounding and I feel miserable but none of that mattered. I could not put this book down today. At around the 78% mark I noticed something very odd, my pulse was literally pounding, not from being sick or anything but from sheer excitement as the plot was nearing it's incredible conclusion. I could take my pulse just by touching my neck with one finger, hehe. I was on the edge of my seat through most of the book and the suspense was just killing me. I've said this on every single book review I've done of Jason Brant's books but it's always true. This author doesn't mess around. His stories don't beat around the bush, they just start out with one big bang and the explosions never stop. You just ride the shock-waves all the way until the very end. It just doesn't get any better than this. Ravaged had more than enough suspense, action and well rounded characters that you grow to love more and more with each passing book plus the pacing was beyond perfect. This series from start to finish was just a pleasure to read and one I have no doubt I'll be rereading many times in the future.


After the end of Consumed our heroes barely survived their encounter with the madman militant-psycho Ralph and ended up taking over his camp and now in Ravaged they're trying to keep everyone alive and survive the best they can. So far the lights have kept the Vladdies at bay but somethings happening, things are changing in the world and once again they find themselves fighting for their very lives. Will Lance and Cass ever find a bit of peace and a safe place to bring their child into the world? Will people ever stop making fun of Doc Emmett Brown's name? Will Greg ever stop saying Bro? Well great news! All of those questions and more will be answered in Ravaged.


I am so sad to see this series end. I've really grown attached to all of the characters especially Lance and Cass. I enjoyed watching Lance's evolution as he went from a depressed, self-loathing loser who couldn't hold down a job nor keep his marriage together to the hero he eventually became. All of the bad things in his life began to change the second he met Cass and he quickly became someone I liked and admired. Cass also had a very nice evolution even though it was a little more subtle than Lance's. Slowly she started becoming softer and started showing her emotions. Yeah she was still a badass but Lance helped her to see that not all men are jerks and helped to slowly peel away those layers of the shell that she had built around herself. Together the two of them were awesome and one heck of a team. I still love their banter and loved the fact that her term for Lance which is "dumbass" sort of became a term of affection. They were perfect for each other.


I was also really glad we get to spend more time with Doc Brown and Eifort on this one. I loved both characters and thought they were both interesting. Doc has always been a smart man as well as the wise leader that everyone went to for advice while Lance was just the natural sort of person that everyone looked up to because of his general good nature as well as his deeds. All four of our main heroes were instrumental in leading the group of survivors and I don't think they could have done it as well without every single one of them. You really get to see Doc and Eifort take charge and Doc Brown becomes so much more a man of action than he's previously been while Eifort who is still the best sharpshooter of the group shows her softer side. The characters were all well rounded, even the side characters. Adam along with some new additions were all extremely likable. Greg, well Greg is still a dumbass. I'm pretty sure he was dropped on his head a few dozen times as a child but really we owe ol' Greg a huge debt of gratitude because if it wasn't for the short story Lotion then Jason Brant might not have ever written this series. After he wrote the short story a lot of people sent feedback asking if he'd ever write more about this world so in a way we owe Greg everything. Doesn't that just really suck when you think bout it like that? Hahaha, I'm pretty sure Greg's response would be, "Awesome, Bro!".


I just cannot recommend this book or author enough. He's quickly become one of my favorite authors He along with another author who's books I love are the only two that I will completely drop whatever I'm doing to read. If I'm in the middle of another book then I'll just push it to the side to read one of theirs. They're just that good. I love how his books have so much action yet still have characters that you just absolutely love, characters that you can't stand the thought of losing and every time something bad happens you find yourself flipping ahead to make sure they're okay. Plus I totally love this cover. Cass looks freaking awesome with the Anarchy symbol and mohawk. Alas I've had to abandon all hope that she'd leave Lance for me. Lance is just way to awesome and I admire him too much. She's just way out of my league besides after all this time they now feel like family to me. I'd love to tell you about the end but I can't so instead I'll just say if you love a great zombie book then do yourself a favor and get this book and series. You have no idea what you're missing out on if you don't. Ravaged and the whole The Hunger series has all the classic makings of a legendary piece of zombie fiction. If they were made into movies today they would seriously be right up there with Day of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead, maybe even a bit better. They're just that good!