[REBLOG] Free for a limited time, CRUELTY: Episode One!

Reblogged from Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus:

In celebration of CRUELTY: Episode Three's release, I've decided to make Episode One available for free download until March 3rd. 


Please, if you're so inclined, help spread the word. 


Click the cover below to download from Amazon.com, or keep scrolling for international links.




Amazon UK


Das Amazon!


Amazon Canada, please and thank you.


Amazon Aussie Style


Dōmo arigatō, Amazon


Bon jour, Amazon


Brazil, Mexico, Spain, India, Italy



*** Just adding my two cents.  I love what I've read of E's, and I have more on the Kindle waiting for me.   

Source: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FNGA13W