Personality Traits that don't go well together.

I was just thinking about some of my personality traits and then I got to thinking how some of those traits just don't get along very well together and this post is the result.


Here's some personality traits that just don't go well together.


1. Perfectionism + Procrastination = I'm a perfectionist.  Unfortunately I'm also a procrastinator so most of the time all I end up doing is perfecting how to procrastinate :/

2. Cynicism + Positiveness =  I'm a cynic at heart but I'm trying really hard to be positive. Someday's all I manage to be is positively cynical :/  


3. Openness + Antisocial = I'm open to trying new things and adventures......just not with you.

Some honorable mentions of other personality traits that don't work well together.


4. Empathetic + Narcissism - These guys have a lot of empathy, unfortunately they're narcissists so they only have empathy for themselves.  They literally get giddy when it comes to "feeling your pain."  Remember the game show Press Your Luck where people would scream, "No whammies, no whammies. Big Money!" well these guys love to scream "Big whammies, Big whammies. No Money!"


5. Neurotic + Extrovert = I'm the life of the slumber party.....massacre that is