New Hosting from a fellow book blogger!

I'm super excited after reading this post from Ashley at NoseGraze.

For those of you who don't know Ashley she is the person I bought my incredible theme Tweak Me and plugin: The Ultimate Book Blogger plugin from.  Besides creating awesome themes and plugins designed just for the book blogger in mind she's about to try her hand at hosting.  Now I love my current hosting provider.  They're super friendly and have some of the best customer service period.  They usually get back to me within moments so why would I want to leave?  Because not only am I a fan of Ashley's blog but I love the idea of not only supporting a fellow book blogger but also having my site hosted by someone who not only understands hosting but also wordpress. 

Not only that but you also get access to all of her themes and plugins for free.  I'm just giddy with excitement thinking of that alone.  I can have my tweak me theme for my site and play around with some of her other one's for special occasions.  Just think a theme ready to go just for Holiday's or special occasions.  Tweak me and The Ultimate Book Blogger plugin have a combined value of $70 dollars (Or they did when I bought them) and trust me they were worth every single penny.  Especially the plugin.  It's what makes all of my book reviews look so nice.  All I have to do is fill in all of the information such as title, author, genre, series, etc upload a picture of the book and write my review and hit publish.  It does all the magic.

If you've been wanting to make the jump from blogger then this might be the perfect opportunity for you.

From what I understand it's going to be a bit different from normal hosting.  Basically wordpress is already loaded.  No installation is necessary.  You just sign up for hosting and start blogging away.  Now for all of you who love your plugins you may want to send her a message if you're thinking of moving.  The way I took it is that she will be installing all of the plugins that she deems are must haves and are well coded.  I think you can request additional ones though but I'm not sure.  I don't think you can just install plugins the way you normally can but this is a huge plus for me.  I have little knowledge of wordpress and can't tell a good coded plugin from a bad one.  Case in point.  I just recently nearly crashed my site by having too many security plugins.  My CPU usage was at 100% and it would take tens of thousands of visitors to cause that much usage. Apparently I only needed one of those plugins and not a dozen :/

Anyway I'm really excited and love the thought of having my hosting provided by a fellow book blogger as well as the person who built my theme and plugin.  I will be able to get any help I might need all at the same place.  


Stop by and check it out if this sounds like something you'd be interested in.  I can tell you from personal experience that she's dedicated and professional.  

Here's the links to her post and the new hosting site that will be available soon: