My list of 10 Things About Me

After reading everyone else's list I decided to make my own.  I had started one but decided to change it up a bit.  I'm trying to be more positive so wanted to add more positive's than negatives :)

Original idea and list from Grimlock

1, I live at home with my mom.  She's helped me out so much throughout the years and I work very  hard to repay her for everything.  My goal is to get a good enough job or career so she can quit working and just enjoy herself.

2. I prefer ballet over football.  Yeah I'm not much of a sports guy.  (A good book turned me onto ballet.  I'm going to have to reread it and write a review soon)


3. I was diagnosed with manic depression (I have no idea what they call it nowadays) in the fourth grade after moping around for two years.  I've also dealt with alot of social anxiety and anxiety in general.


4. My favorite thing in the world is to just sit on my front porch steps and read a good book.  I live at a small lake and love the wildlife and scenery.  We have alot of hawks that hang out nearby and a various assortment of critters who stop by all the time to say hello.


5. I have NO middle ground.  I either really love something or really hate it.  I'm like that with everything so I'm normally very happy or very depressed.


6. I love animals.  All animals except venomous snakes and spiders.  I've taken care of everything from baby skunks to a crawdad which just showed up with babies on it's back one day on my front porch.  I put it in a bowl with some rocks/water and took it to a nearby pond.  What the heck do you feed a crawdaddy?

7. I don't watch TV or movies very often but when I do I usually prefer documentaries or something like Cops/Alaska State Troopers and my favorite indie movies are Brotherhood of the Wolf and Ink.


8. My dream is to one day move to Alaska or Canada.


9. When I grow up I want to be a web designer :D

10. Hmm, I can't think of another one.  Oh I know. I was born with a very rare, well not too rare but rare enough eye condition called Duane's retraction syndrome in my left eye so it's partially paralyzed and will not move to the left.  I have no peripheral vision on my left side.  At the time when I was diagnosed I was the youngest person the doctors had ever seen with it and they wanted to film me for educational purposes but they were out of 8mm film so I didn't get my five seconds of fame :(  I also used to get in trouble at school because the teachers thought I was crossing my eyes at them.  I have learned not to look to my left and turn my head so they don't cross since one of them won't move that way.  It's totally awesome at parties though :D  Not many people can move one eyeball without the other one moving :)