Vampire Dawn (Vampire for Hire #5) - J.R. Rain

Vampire Dawn - J.R. Rain

This book has been my favorite so far in the Vampire for Hire series. I really don't get why anyone complains about the size of these books, they're fun light reading kinda like a amped up soap opera. For 3.99 you cant really beat them. 168 pages might not sound like alot but try writing a good story that size and see how long it takes. I for one think the books are perfect in length and price. I like that I can finish a story fast after work or before work in a couple of hours or I can read them over a few days and take my time. You don't get bogged down in unimportant fluff to make the book longer like a lot of authors do instead you get all the good stuff at once. I've completely fallen in love with all of his characters and enjoy the humor and emotion that he writes with. Smantha Moon has been evolving into a really cool character and this one was by far my favorite. Give it a try and enjoy.