Christmas Moon (Vampire for Hire #4.5) - J.R. Rain

Christmas Moon (Vampire for Hire, #4.5) - J.R. Rain

This was another outstanding story by J.R. Rain. I was so expecting a nice little Christmas story, maybe with Santa (At least at the mall but heck you never know in these books) and maybe a bit of shopping and of course some Judge Judy but instead I got this very Interesting tale. I don't want to give anything away but there's a reason this book is referred to as book 4.5 I would definitely buy it after reading Moon child and before Vampire Dawn. It leads right into Vampire Dawn and has a major new interesting character that you will be seeing more of in books to come.

I've mentioned on my first review of Moon Dance that I happened to download it for free along with a bunch of other kindle books and for some reason decided to start with it first. Needless to say I'm completely addicted to his books now. I haven't even read any of my other free books yet. I bought the rest of this series along with all the short stories and I just finished the fist Knighthorse book which I liked a lot which surprised me since I don't really read mysteries. He just has a very unique ways with words and humor/emotions that I seem to relate to which makes his characters feel very real no matter how crazy things get. Don't miss this one.