Question about adding alot of my older books

Hello, I finally finished adding reviews to my site and now I'm going back to all of my review sites and adding all the books I missed and was just wondering if I put the post date as the date I read them: like in 2012 for instance will it keep them from spamming everyone's dashboard here at Booklikes?  I'm going to be adding quite a few and don't want to have a gazillion old/bad reviews spamming everyone.

Once I'm through with this I just need to change a few things on my site.  Tweak a few other things, write my latest review and then publish them.  So excited, nearly through with all of this.  Adding 140 reviews was such a pain.  Still I sure wish I had been reviewing every single book I read instead of just reviewing books I bought on my kindle.  There's so many great books I don't have reviews for :(  Will have to reread them at some point.  But I'm nearly through and can get to the fun stuff soon :)