Vampire for Hire: The Short Stories - J.R. Rain

Vampire For Hire: The Short Stories - J.R. Rain

I've loved everyone of the Vampire for Hire books so far and thought I'd go ahead and purchase the short stories to find out more about my favorite characters and i really enjoyed them. I do wish Teeth had been a bit longer and had showed us more about Fang (he's such an interesting character and one I can relate to) but I still liked it alot. It was cool to see how Fang got to where he is now and what exactly happened in his past. The rest of the short stories were fun to read also.

I also really liked the two deleted chapters at the end. They were really neat but I'm glad he changed up the whole prison scene - you know the one I'm talking about. The one he deleted just didn't come out as well and just didn't make as much sense to me. She couldn't have gotten into and out of a prison that easily in my opinion. The other deleted scene was really cool. You get to see what happens when the Prison Warden is questioning her after she mysteriously puts her fist through some bullet proof glass and pummels that jerk :) I really like Samantha Moon: a small (but curvy) private investigator, soccer mom and vampire. Her humor and emotion gets to me. These books are just so much and I get a kick out of her when she's watching Judge Judy. I eagerly await each new book in the series.

Jamie: Going back through all my review sites and adding any books I missed.  This is a super old one of mine and my old reviews were pretty horrible.  Most of them follow this formula: I love this, I like this, I love this author :D  I think I've gotten a little bit better since then.