This one's free on Amazon atm - What kills me book one - Wynne Channing

What Kills Me - Wynne Channing

I saw this one here somewhere not too long ago and put it on my wish list for my kindle and was just going through the list and saw it was free so I grabbed it. Reviews look excellent for it and I'm pretty sure the review I saw for it here was good too. Looks like an awesome story.  Not sure if it's a special deal or permanent thing so I snatched it right up.


Speaking of Kindle I turned on the wifi for it and it wouldn't come on so I put it in airplane mode and tried again and nothing so I turned it off and went to make this post when all of a sudden it cuts back on. It was on the Kindle loading screen, you know that kindle tree loading screen of death and my hear rate must of doubled if not tripled while I was waiting for it to load. Finally after what seemed like hours but was really less than a minute it finished and all of my books were gone but they started coming back.


It's only done that to me twice but it freaks me out every time and makes me realize that Amazon could totally hold my folders and books hostage and force me to become a cat-burglar repelling down from a fancy skylight to steal valuable diamonds just to get my books back. Seriously I'm really glad they haven't thought of blackmailing me because I have NO idea what all books I have on there and it would be such a pain to try and get them back on. I know they're on my cloud storage but I'd still rather tackle high tech security systems then have to go through the trouble of getting it all back to just how I like it.


Totally freaks me out!!!