Linking my reivews here to my blog - just a quick question.

Hello everyone.  I have something that's been on my  mind for a bit and wanted to ask you all a question.  I'm still working on my site.  I'm currently adding all my authors and reviews to it and I was thinking about future reviews especially on booklikes.  On sites like Googe plus I'm just going to show a link to my review that takes people to my site, because that's the only way I've seen others doing it but on sites like Leafmarks, Goodreads, LibraryThing and Shelfari I'm going to paste my review over.

What do you'll think of people posting a link that leads to their site on Booklikes.  On one hand it could bring more traffic but on the other Booklikes is it's own little community which is one of the reasons I really like it.  I'm really just leaning towards copying my reviews over to here manually and not putting a link to my site..  It probably doesn't really matter how you do it.  I mean I don't care if someone links to their site.  I open everything in tabs anyway, especially since you have to refresh the whole blog/dashboard each and every time you click on something but what do you'll think? 

Does it bug you having to go to an outside site to view a review?
Do you like visiting other sites and think it's a good way to find more blogs?

Or are you indifferent?

I'm probably just going to copy them over but was wondering anyway.  Once my site is ready I'll just make a post about it and put it somewhere so if anyone wants to check it out they can but I don't really want to force anyone to have to go there just to read my review.