Reading progress update: I've read 27% out of 100%

Trouble  - Elle Casey

I love her books.  There's just so many reasons why this is my favorite author.  She puts out a great book nearly every month.  They're easy to read and her writing just always feels so smooth to me, like my mind doesn't eve have to try, it just goes along for the journey.  Her characters always make me laugh and I love that they always have all of the traits that I value in real people, courage, honesty, honor, they're good people (the good one's anyway), loyal friends, etc.  They're not perfect and have plenty of flaws but they're just so perfect!  I love when I've read about a hundred pages and then realize I didn't see a word of what I read that whole time.  It's like a HD movie screen in my mind.  Just feels like I've come back home after being away for a so long.