Robot Pony - Madeline Claire Franklin

Robot Pony (A short science fiction story) - Madeline Claire Franklin

What A Wonderful Short Story!!!



I saw All Hail Grimlock's review for this one and I thought it looked like a neat story so I went and checked it out and it was free on Amazon so I grabbed it.  It's a short story, a very short story.  The story itself only goes to about the mid 30% on my kindle and only took a few minutes to read.  At first I was thinking it was a very simple story that was easy to read no matter the age group.  I was right about it being easy to read but I was so very wrong about it being simple.  A simple story couldn't make you feel this way in only a few pages.  A simple story could not make you care about characters so quickly and a simple story could never pull at your heart in such a way.  The message is as universal as it is timeless and yes it can be understood by nearly any age group but simple this story was not.  Calling it simple would be wrong unless you want to say it was simply beautiful in which case you'd be right.