Reading progress update: I've read 60% out of 100%

Black Arts - Faith Hunter

It's been three days and I've only read 6% on my book!  Stupid RL getting in the way of all my fun.  I know I've been busy but geez.  Going to be hard to run a book blog if I don't read books!!! Cracking the whip at myself and getting back to work.  I love this job - well it's not really a job but I wish it was.  Going to set aside some quality reading time each day. 

This book has been really awesome so far.  I do wish we'd see Beast a little more though.  In the early books if Jane didn't change into Beast then Beast would get super pissy and start bugging the crap out of her.  Come on Beast, you are the star of the show.  Don't let Jane have all the fun.  60% and no change yet?  I want me some Beast action.  Hmm, that didn't sound very good did it?