The Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin - Loving this bad boy!

Getting closer and closer to putting reviews up on my site.  I've been setting up my pages for reviews today, learning all the little ins and outs of the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin which if you run a book blog you're going to want this bad boy. It does everything. It will even come to your house and clean. Well, it won't do that but with all the time you'll save you won't need it to.  Seriously this plugin is money well spent.  I purchased this along with Ashley's Tweak Me Theme which has around 150 options or so, it's insane.  But out of the two I think the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin is  the more important of the two.  It's A Must Have.  
Here's just a couple of it's features:
  • Easy Book Information Display
  • Review Indexes That Update Automatically - Basically you just write a review, fill in all the sections and hit publish and it keeps an automatic index for you. You can index your reviews by Title, Author, Series, Year and more.  It's not hard to set up and just involves a little bit of copy and paste.  For instance I created my page for my Reviews by author and just had to paste in one little line and it's all set up with A-Z for me.  So now when I create my reviews it will automatically put them in the appropriate category for me.  Sorry I'm not very good at explaining it which is just one more reason it rocks.  Because if a big dummie like me can figure it out then I can only imagine what some of you seasoned bloggers could do with it.
  • Easy to use Settings Page

Check it out and while you're there check out some of their awesome themes. I especially like the Tweak Me Theme. It's a must have for all of us who have NO coding knowledge whatsoever. Can't say enough great things about these two products. Once my site is up I'm going to write a review on each one as well as any tips and tricks I might have learned along the way. Both are paid for themes/plugins but they're wroth every single penny.  Note you can't use them with free sites, only sites.  I guess sites cannot use plugins or paid plugins.

I don't have any reviews up yet but you can check out how the plugin set up my review index's.  Just go to the top of my page and hover your mouse over My Reviews and click on any of the pages you'd like to look at such as Review by Author, Review by Title, etc.
Here's my Reviews By Title Page: Yeah I'm going to change those horrible yellow colors soon :)