Busy working on my site.

Well, building a website is much harder than I thought it would be.  Much respect to all you bloggers out there who have done it already.  I mean I knew going into it that I didn't have a lot of knowledge and that I had a lot to learn but what I did not count on were so many little things that I would have to do before I could even begin to think about the layout of my site or posting my reviews.  Some of those things are:


  • Spam Protection for my site.  You can't just throw up a site with comments and expect not to be hit by the spam bots.  I don't know why I didn't think about that.  So I spent a day researching this and got a few good plugins that will hopefully help.  I also learned about plugins that same day lol.


  • Setting up a Comments section - again got a plugin for it. 


  • Plugins - I only have a very few. I do not want to bog my site down with them.  I'm not fond of plugins for anything so I'm trying to keep them to a minimum.  As I learn more I may change my mind but for now I'm going to play it safe.


  • Learning how to get my email for my site working - I still haven't quite figured it all the way out.  I have an email from my hosting plus a Wordpress email not to mention my gmail account and arggghh, my head hurts.  I would love to use Google apps and just have them all go through my gmail but I've already spent way too much money.  Not necessarily on my site.  I've only bought a plugin and a theme but vet bills have been horrible for me this month.


  • Screw Webdisk. I have no idea why that's even ever mentioned on any faq ever.  Might as well tell me to use DOS.  Setting up an FTP account.  No luck there.  Wordpress seems to think I'm behind a reverse proxy but I'm not behind any kind of proxy at least not that I know of.  I've tested for it both standard and cache and it always shows my IP.  I don't know much else.  I hate networking. 


  • Facebook - Profile or Business (Fan Page)  - I really don't want to use my Facebook personal profile so I set up a Business page or a fan page which I have to run through my personal one but it's really separate.  Yeah, makes my head hurt too. 


I'm sure I missed about a gazillion things I've looked up like SEO stuff, site trafficking, google ranking (I don't care!), along with having to figure out how to even load the theme and plugin in the first place.  Both went well.  I didn't have to email the person I bought them from and bug them so I'm happy about that. 


So I've been super busy this week.  Most of my time was spent looking up useless information and going in circles while looking up information that I thought was useful but really wasn't even though it pretended to be.  Also been running around in circles (literally) chasing my freaking cats who now run, hide, bite, claw, hiss and just generally get upset twice a day when it's time for medicine.  Years of loving undone by a couple of weeks of antibiotics :/  Little traitors :/  Dogs are just so much easier to manage. 


So I just want to say I have even more respect for all the bloggers and website owners out there.  Even when you use wordpress and themes it's still a lot of work and that's before the site's even up and running.  So hats off to you all.  /Bow


I hope everyone had a great week and I can't wait until all the not so fun parts are behind me so I can start running my site.  Well, I'm having some fun but still have a headache :) 


I'll add my site information when they're ready.  No point in everyone going to a page with nothing on it.  Plus nobody needs to see how bad I'm messing my page up minute to minute.  Hey, I thought vomit green was going to look nice on my site :/