The Dark - Jason Brant

The Dark - Jason Brant

One Helluva Scary Ride!!!


The dark by Jason Brant is one spooky story! It ends just like it begins, with a big bang. I've said it before but I'll say it again, this author does not mess around.  His books start out with so much action and it never let's up.  You get all of the good stuff right from the start and it just keeps coming.  


Jason Brant is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors and I plan on pretty much reading anything he puts out the very moment it's released.  The pacing was perfect and the characters felt so real.  I had no problem identifying with any of them.  I liked them, worried about them, hated a few of them and rooted for the rest.  Much like Stephen King's Cell makes me not want to ever own a cell phone, The Dark makes me want to sleep with a battery powered light on or to have one on hand at all times.  I never wished I had a Kindle Paperwhite with a built in light more than I do now.  The book starts off with a character waking up in total darkness, saved by the light of her kindle which was such a great idea.  Saved by the kindle :)  I can't talk about The Dark or what it is exactly without giving anything away but I will let you know that it's freaking scary and quite unique.  It's just a very different kind of story yet so eerily familiar at the same time. 


Here's the blurb from the book:


Christy Barnett is sleeping when her aging German shepherd Molly growls into the darkness outside her bedroom. She wakes to a dim glow provided by her Kindle’s screen, thankful that she had fallen asleep while reading again. The power has gone out, the world outside her window is eerily dark and silent. And Molly is wary of something that waits in the hallway, hiding in the shadows.

A dark cloud has fallen over the city of Aberdeen, MD. The population disappears in an instant. For the handful of survivors, those lucky enough to have a light source not connected to the power grid, it's more than terrifying. They’re left alone, walking through a nightmare, and that is a fate that could be worse than death itself.

The darkness is alive and it is the reason we fear the night.


If that along with the gorgeous cover doesn't get your attention then I don't know what will.  Once again Jason Brant writes a book that is both action packed and filled with great characters.  The Dark is unique, scary and just an all around great horror story that pulls at one's deepest darkest fear: the night.  All of his books are well written with so much attention given to the little details.  It's obvious that he takes his job as a writer very seriously yet also manages to have a fun writing his characters and their stories. The cover caught my attention a long time ago and it kept pulling at me until I finally bought it.  I wish I had done so a long time ago.  If I had known what I was missing I definitely would have. 


This is the sixth Jason Brant novel I've read and one thing that I really enjoy is getting to see how much any given author grows over the course of his/her writing career.   Just like all of my favorite authors his first books were very good and it was obvious that he has a lot of talent but I'm amazed that each book that he puts out is even better than the one that came before it.  I love that feeling of thinking "It just can't get any better than this" and then the next book comes out and it's even better.  He has definitely honed his craft into a fine point and I can only imagine how awesome his next book will be. The Dark just hits that perfect spot for me when it comes to horror novels.  This is just a great book to read while you're all alone, late at night, curled up in your favorite spot with very few lights on.  When you're done reading the house will be lit up like the fourth of July :D  Keep a flashlight close at hand after reading this one.  You're going to need it!