Reading progress update: I've read 89% out of 100%

The Dark - Jason Brant

I didn't get to do as much reading today but I did manage to get my theme and this plugin I bought loaded onto my website today.  The day started off pretty bad because I have no idea what I'm doing.  Seriously Cpanel  has way too many options and no big red arrows telling me what to do.  How in the heck do they think I'm supposed to get anything done without big red letters on the screen telling me what to do? 


Okay, well I finally managed to get Wordpress installed after agonizing half the day away while I explored the pro's and con's of putting it in my root directory.  I finally decided the pro's won.  Then I had a nasty fight with my router over ftp protocol and well, my router won that one.  And then I ate some donuts, wandered around the yard for a while, then stared at an ant bed, chased a raccoon, then got chased by a big mean momma raccoon, then talked to a tree.  The tree talked back so I ran back inside and decided to not venture out into the great beyond ever again.  Oh, then I loaded my theme and plugin.


Yay.  Hmm, this was supposed to be a reading progress update and not a shameless plug for my website.  Oh, the book is great. That so made it better :D