The Phoenix Cycle: Would You? - Robert Edward

The Phoenix Cycle: Would You? - Robert Edward

Amazing Idea!!! Incredible Book!!!

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Okay, well first of all let me state that this book was very very Amazing!  And anytime I use the double very followed by an amazing that pretty much means I think a book just flat out rocks!  I was looking at some new blogs here on Booklikes and I ran across Robert Edward's blog at: and at the top I noticed he mentioned he was working on a thesis for college about finding a better way for new authors to break into the fictional book market so instantly I was intrigued and visited the link on his page that led me to his web site and this wonderful book.


Basically as part of his thesis for college he wrote a book and not just any book but a very unique dystopian story that is just pure awesomesauce and trust me, awesomesauce is pretty awesome.  Check out his website to learn more at:  If you have the time to check it out, it's all very interesting and after clicking on the link about his book I really wanted to read it especially since some of the characters would be based off of ancient philosophers so I got it and what happened next was just pure reading bliss.


I have to say I wasn't exactly sure what to expect.  It was a very unique idea that sounded great on paper but I've never read anything by this new and aspiring author.  I can tell you what I didn't expect though and that was to find a story that sucked me in so completely and was so engaging from the very first words.  I did not expect to feel such mounting tension and dread and to have it just exponentially increase over the course of the book until the final explosive conclusion.  I surely didn't expect to read such a well written book by a first time author although you would never know that this was his first book if you just picked it up off the shelf somewhere in a store.  No, this book reads like he's an old hand at writing who has plenty of experience under his belt. I can only imagine what the sequels will be like and I am literally giddy with anticipation for the next one.  


Words truly can't express how much I enjoyed The Phoenix Cycle but I'm going to try anyway.  I loved the writing, that's a given but I also loved the setting and the feel of the story.  It was gritty and so very real.  It's a world that I could easily imagine Earth one day becoming.  The characters felt authentic and had distinct and for the most part likable personalities (except for the bad guys of course).  I was able to connect with the main character on an emotional level and feel his pain and sense of betrayal along with his anger and oh my goodness that ending.  Let's just say you will definitely be wanting to know what happens next.  


Using his thesis to write a book and writing a book as a part of his thesis is a brilliant idea.  it's like killing two birds with one stone.  Not only does he get to do something he's always dreamed about doing but he also (hopefully) gets a good grade out of it too.  And I imagine his professors will be very pleased with his work.  Not only that but he gets to take advantage of so many resources that many first time authors don't have access to such as teachers and professors to help advise him along the way. I was intrigued by the whole idea but as far as I'm concerned Robert Edward is an established author.  I will definitely be looking forward to any and every book he may want to publish and will be buying them the second they're released.  I cannot wait to read the next book in the Phoenix Cycle and I hope one day I will be able to say I was here when it all started:  I was there when the great author Robert Edward was just starting out and writing his first book as part of his thesis.  It's just that good and I hope the world will be seeing even more great things from him in the future.  


I can't recommend this one enough.  I am very impressed!!! Excellent Book!!!