I'll probably be pretty scarce here for a while :(

Had a great Xmas except for this bug I've had that just isn't going away.  It's not too bad though but 3 of my cats are extremely ill.  I don't know what's wrong with them.  Took them to a different vet yesterday because mine is closed for the Holiday's.  It started the day after I wormed them.  I don't think it's the wormer though because only 3 are sick and I've used the medicine before.  Vet things it's some kind of bug and didn't believe it was the wormer either.  They were throwing up a lot which could have been the worms plus had diarrhea and now they just won't eat.  Two of them won't drink water and they've lost so much weight.  They're so skinny :(


I've been having to force feed them which has not been going well.  Unfortunately one of them I can't even pick up.  Some of my outside cats are a bit wild and she was one of them that I brought in when she had a very rough pregnancy.  Got her spayed and she's been fine but she does not like taking medication or being held.  Other than that she's a sweetheart.  Spent all day looking for one of my cats.  You'd think as small as my house is I would be able to find her but noooo!  She somehow wedged herself behind a couple of boxes.  All three keep trying to hide and just find a quiet place.  I'm just hoping it's not super contagious because I have other cats too.  I really don't know if they're going to make it which will just break my heart.  Especially Sweet Pea who's just been through so much in his short life.  He was another one I rescued and had a lot of birth defects. 


If they make it to Monday I'm taking them to the vet and getting them on fluids and getting them some help.  With it being right after Xmas I just cannot afford to take them to the animal hospital which is an hour away.  It was over 800 dollars for my yorkie when he got sick and that was just on a Friday Night.  With the weekend difference it will be a lot more plus for all three.  You have to pay right then and I just don't have it which really sucks.  The 800 was just for some blood work and fluids so you can only imagine how much three very sick cats would cost. If I had the money I'd do it in a heartbeat though.  I don't care about money.  It's just really crappy timing :(


Anyway I may not be around for a few days depending on what happens.  It's just taking all of my time to take care of them.  Was up till 5 am last night, or this morning lol.  Anyway, I just want my babies to be back to normal soon, usually it takes a couple of days for the antibiotics to kick in so I'll hope they'll get better but the weight loss combined with the not eating is pretty bad.


 I do have a review for a book that's ready to go up as soon as it goes live though.  I was very lucky and got to do an ARC from an amazing author who's books I really love.  Very excited about that.  I haven't done many of them and it's definitely the biggest and best one I've done :)  Well the ARC not the review lol.  The review will probably contain the word Awesome at least a million times though.  I love that word, it's freaking awesome :)


I hope everyone else is having a great time and hope you all had a great Holiday.  See you all soon.