Here's how my cruddy day went!

Ugh, today has not been a good day lol. Well it started off good so I finish up with everything I need to do, feed my kitties and doggies, sit down, chat with some friends (and no they're not imaginary this time either lol) So I go to log into my Norton Vault because I have 1 day left on my subscription and I really need to put all my passwords in the cloud or export them to my pc and it wont let me log in. I try the password again. Nope! Access Denied! You Suck! Well, it didn't say that but it might as well have. Okay, so I go and change my password and I'm in like Yay! But all of my freaking passwords are now gone and I'm like Booo! I have no freaking idea how to even get into my mail lol. I just let Norton do it for me. I'm super cool lazy like that. Okay, so now I have to go back and log into all my sites, get my passwords reset through my email (which I can't get into) and I'll be good. 

Okay, so I go to Amazon and go to buy Norton and it wants to use my gift card balance. Ughnt Uh! That's my happy book fund. Keep your hands off! But there's no way to take it off if you use a digital download. No shopping cart no options (options are good people), no nothing. So I call Amazon up. Well I clicked the help thingy button thing and they called me. How freaking nifty is that? So the first guy transfers me to a digital guy who tells me there's no way for me to remove the gift card from the purchase but he say's hold on I might be able to do something. Possible yay coming up, hopefully. And he say's he can lock my gift card until I make the purchase then re-enable it. So I'm like okay, he tells me to go ahead and I'm like don't you need to know who I am or something or my Amazon ID and he's like nope, I forgot I did it through the computer and he's got all my ID. Technology is super scary like that. Forget the NSA, Amazon's got the real goods.

So I make my purchase, get my stupid license key and he then he reactivates my Gift Card and all is good in the world again. Love or hate Amazon you've gotta admit they have some pretty sweet customer service and if you don't like them I'm sure they already know and have you on their "Bad" list for when they take over the world and become Overlord's with their fleet of delivery "subjugation" drones. I'm just saying on record that I really like Amazon. You guys hear me? No evil drones zapping me in the face please.

Anyway, so now I still have to redo all my freaking passwords and I haven't done squat with my blog today. Why am I telling you all? Because I have nobody at home to whine too. My cats are not very good listeners. I tried to tell my doggie but he just rolled over and wanted me to pet his belly so you people get to listen to me whine. Also I just wanted to go on record with Amazon for when they change their name to Overlord of the Universe!

So that was my day, how was yours?