Stay Tuned!

It's been quiet at JamiesBookBlog (I always wanted to refer to myself in the 1st person while throwing in a sneaky self promoting link) but fear not, I have lots of plans in store Yes, even beyond organizing my shelves and getting my reviews fixed up properly.  I just purchased hosting for my own domain (Yay! Doin a happy dance) and I will be getting some fun stuff for that soon and will keep everyone updated.  I have lots of plans for both blogs and have a ton of new books I need to read :)  


I haven't just been lurking in the shadows, stalking everyone's blog.  Okay, maybe I have but we all do it right?  I mean that's normal isn't it?  Everyone has an awesome Stalking Kit that they ordered from some sleazy store online!  I know I'm not the only one!  


Armed with my awesome kit of stalking I have seen alot of great blogs, read a ton of great reviews, met a lot of great bloggers and have been more than inspired to come up with a few neat ideas of my own that I would like to implement soon.


Of course you need to finish fixing those shelves.


And make a header.


Oh a background would be nice too.  


Why don't you put a new book review up?  I mean this is a book review blog ins't it?  

Yes, Yes, I'm nearly finished with the book I'm currently reading.

Isn't it a pretty short book?

Come on, give me a break.  I put those sweet little explosions on my blog so that whenever you click anywhere on my page you get a nice little fireworks show :)

ooooh pretty lights.


Gets em every single time :D


Fear not, I'm putting my elbow to the grind, getting this all organized, getting something new for you'll to look at other than a stupid black and white photo in a square box and most importantly lots and lots of reviews.  But until then you can always enjoy the fun little explosions by clicking anywhere on my pages :D