Finally getting there!!!

WooHoo, only 46 books more to go on fixing my blog.  Well 46 that I can count, I know there's quite a few that didn't make the migration over with the rest of the flock.  Anyway, I'm getting there.  My shelves are looking more organized, not as many duplicates anymore plus I've met a lot of great people and have been having a fun time.  Most importantly I figured out how to make little fireworks explode from my cursor when I click anywhere on my pages.  Yes, I'm easily amused!  


I have about a gazillion new books on my wishlist and I plan to eventually read them all.  I'm pretty much having a blast!  Learning a lot of neat stuff which I hope will better prepare me for when I get my other blog up off of the ground.  Once I'm through organizing I'll try to come up with a theme/header but I'm kind of glad I waited because I'd really like both blogs to have the same themes.  I still haven't decided what that theme is though.  Maybe I'll be different and just make a wombat theme.  I just really like saying wombat.  It really sucks that you don't get to use wombat more often in sentences so I'm going to use wombat as much as I can while I've got your attention.  Wombat!!!


Well it's getting late.  My brain's short circuiting.  Hopefully once everything is organized and fixed up I'll have more time to meet more people, look at a lot of other cool blogs and finally have a bit of time to start learning some html/css.  Lots of plans, not enough hours in the day plus I need to finish that book I'm reading.  Can't run a book blog if you don't read books.  Well I guess you can but eventually people are going to notice that same ol' book review I have sitting at the top.  Good think I'm sneaky and keep changing the title and picture.  That should keep everyone off the trail for a little while :)