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(Note: I saw this hilarious post yesterday from Litchick's Hit List which btw is a really awesome blog and wanted to share it)  


A good friend of mine turned me over to the reviews on Amazon for 'BIC Crystal For Her Ball Pen' and I have to share some of these reviews: 


"I can't find a switch to turn it on, and it didn't come with batteries. This is not the "for her" product I was expecting. At all." - one star


"I used one of these pens post-hysterectomy, and my uterus grew back. Thanks a lot, Bic. Thanks a whole hell of a lot." - one star


"if you are going to make a pen for her, please refrain from calling it a ball pen. we're confused enough." - one star


"I was dissapointed to find that only one fifth of the pens I recieved were pink. Or, maybe more, I can't do maths." - three stars



Source: http://www.amazon.com/BIC-Cristal-1-0mm-Black-MSLP16-Blk/dp/B004F9QBE6/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_i