A Fun Read For Young Adults Of All Ages!

Between the Realms - Elle Casey

(Having to fix my shelves, add reviews that didn't make it, etc.  Here's one of my much older reviews as you can see my reviews started super small, then became medium sized like this one before exploding out of control like my newer one's.  So sit back and enjoy a medium sized review....by me!)


Once again Elle Casey raises the bar. Just when you think it can't get any better you read the next book and are blown away. I haven't been a Young Adult in quite a while except at heart which just goes to show that anyone of any age can enjoy these books. Just when I think I have everything and everyone figured out Mrs. Casey takes the story on an unexpected turn. I really did not see certain events coming. There's a character (or two) that I really want to like but it's getting very hard after all the bad things they've done. I hope they can change but it's hard to tell at the moment. I think Jayne has finally settled on who is going to be her romantic interest and I was happy to see who it was (pretty much the guy I was hoping she'd fall for since the first book) although you never know with these books so I'll just keep my fingers crossed. Tim and his son are insane. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. What's with the "Spider Nakies" and "polly balls"? I don't even know how she comes up with this stuff but I'm certainly glad she does.

Elle Casey has a wonderful imagination, her characters are real, flawed, funny and everything you'd expect out of a motley group of friends. Her sense of humor leaves me laughing for most of the book (my relatives think I'm insane by now I'm sure) and her pacing is perfect. She's truly a talented author and I'm so glad that Amazon, Goodreads, etc have made it possible for independent authors everywhere to share their stories with us. This book deserves to be on the shelf at every single bookstore, Walmart, Target, anywhere books are sold, it's simply that good. I have to go start the 3rd book now. It's been hard writing this review and waiting even this long to see what happens next. These books just pull you straight into them and once you're there you'll never want to leave.