American Vampire (Vampire For Hire #3) - J.R. Rain

American Vampire - J.R. Rain

I Fell Hopelessly In Love With This Book!!!


Note:  This is one the first reviews I'd made. It along with a few of my other older reviews were very short. I thought about changing them but in the end I wanted to just leave them alone, not only to preserve the original integrity of my review but also to show how much I have grown as a book reviewer.  Even though I no longer read this series I did very much enjoy all the one's I read.  So here's something you don't see very often.  A very short me!


This series just gets better and better. Samantha Moon is evolving into a force to be reckoned with. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire and even though she doestn't totally embrace her "darker" side she has no problem using her powers to give justice to those who are powerless to do it for themselves. I so love these books.