Bonds of Vengeance (Winds of the Forelands Series #3)

Bonds of Vengeance - David B. Coe I can honestly say after reading the Winds of the Forelands series that David B. Coe is one great writer. He's as good if not better than the top writers in the field. Mr. Coe has a real knack for characters and nothing ever feels faked or forced. There's a huge cast in these books which is usually hard to pull of but he manages to do it well. You have your action, adventure, mystery along with political intrigue. There's really very little black and white in these books. Even the vilest characters have shades of grey and because of that they are very lifelike. I'm not a fan of what I consider High Fantasy. Basically High Fantasy is when authors include magic with no boundaries or limits. I just don't care for all powerful sorcerers who draw on their magic from "who knows where" and it's just unlimited. The Qirsi are born with their powers and they are very limited. Yes they can be dangerous and yes the Weavers are very powerful but there are limits. Even a weaver without a whole group of Qirsi gets tired after using his magic a few times and each use wears him out more and makes the magic weaker. A normal Qirsi shaper can shatter a few blades before he's too worn out for any more. And even a Weaver with a small army of Qirsi can be beaten. A weaver is a Qirsi who can weave together the magic of other Qirsi and combine thier powers making them greater as a whole.

I could go on all day but will just say if you love fantasy, a large cast of interesting and unique characters who feel and act real then do yourself a favor and read this series. An Excellent read!