Ruining Me - Nicole Reed

Ruining Me - Nicole Reed

Holy Guacamole Batman!!!


I just finished Ruining Me and have to say that the title is very fitting. I felt ruined after reading this. I still don't know how I feel about it all. The ending was intense and unexpected. I'm not talking about a cliffhanger, heck that word doesn't do it justice. It's more like the Grand Canyon plus the Mariana Trench meet's falling off of the moon only to find out gravity is a hoax and you plummet straight down through the universe. Great googly moogly I still can't take my mind off it.

Ruining Me was very well written and Jay was horribly flawed yet fascinating in a train wreck sort of way. She's likable and you want to root for her, love her, protect her and hope that she can find herself once again all the while knowing it's an impossible task. You'd have more luck moving objects around the room with your mind. Something happened to her, we all know it and the slow sense of dread builds up to one event but instead of one thing happening the book does a one eighty on you before slamming into a brick wall leaving you staring in disbelief. That's how the ending felt to me, thank goodness there's a sequel or I'd probably throw my Kindle out a window. That's not to say I didn't love the book because I did it's just that it elicited that strong of an emotion in me which is what every good book should do.

Jay is a mess, but she's a beautiful mess. At time's she's carefree and fun and at others she's dark and brooding. The men in her life are just as intense. There's JT her old boyfriend who doesn't understand why she suddenly broke up with him one day and distanced herself from everyone she's ever known. He's the all around highschool football star, a really good guy but he's not just an average hero. He's an exceptional hero. He's the type of guy that every girl would love to meet. Kind, caring, understanding, strong, passionate and will stop at nothing to get the one thing back that he can't live without - Jay. Then there's the new hottie in town: Kane. He's strong, built and has some awesome tattoo's. He drives a motorcycle and wears a leather jacket but he's not your typical badboy, in fact he's a hard worker who's trying to help his brother build a business and doesn't have time for a relationship. He's not looking for anything serious but from the first moment he lays eyes on Jay the sparks fly and he finds himself drawn to her and she to him. He's funny, makes her feel safe and most of all has nothing to do with her old life plus he's the sexiest man she's ever seen. Will their fledgling love blossom or will the darkness put that torch out too? Last but not least is Rhye her go to guy when she left JT. He's in a rock band is destined to be a rock star one day. He's sexy and he likes to party. Jay is able to forget her past with him and forget everything else too but there's only one problem. He cheated on her. Now he's bugging her, missing his sex buddy or so Jay assumes and she wants nothing to do with him or does she? Is he just the shallow cliché rock star who only cares about sex, drugs and rock n' roll or is there more to him than meets the eye?

This is a very dark story, there are brief moments of light, fun moments, even happy moments but at it's core is a very dark book. Whether you love it or not I promise you that the book will hit you like a ton of bricks. For me it was a good ton of bricks (yeah I know that doesn't really make much sense but just go with it). Give it a try and see if Ruining You will ruin you like it did me. I promise that the end will have you feeling something. What that turns out to be is up to you.