Ruining You - Nicole Reed

Ruining You  - Nicole Reed

Absolutely Brilliant and Emotional!


(Note: I noticed while going through alot of my old reviews that there are certain words I like and use alot, some of them are: brilliant, awesome, beautiful and absolutely.  I've have two of them in this review heading.  I really need to extend my vocabulary a bit.  Anyway, here's a little bit older and much shorter book me!)



 I loved Ruining You! I'm not going to talk about the characters or the story because after the ending of Ruining Me I just can't think of anyway to do so without giving anything away. I loved Jay's story and could read about her forever if only there were more books. Ruining Me left off at such an emotional point, it was a major and I mean MAJOR cliffhanger and this book resolves Jay's life nicely. Will she let her past get her down and bring her to the point of absolute despair again or will she find the love within herself to not only let those who care about her into her heart but to also love herself and to move on from the past? You'll have to read to find out. Once again the book was beautifully written and I couldn't get enough of the characters, especially Jay. She was so broken yet there is just something about her that attracts others to her. Everything and I mean everything is resolved nicely in one way or another. I don't normally write short reviews I just don't want to screw this one up and ruin it for you'll. Drop everything you're doing and read this great book, just make sure you read Ruining Me first. Do not throw your Kindle out the window afterwards though, just keep reading and see how it all turns out : ) Great Book!!!