Thieves' Quarry (Thieftaker Chronicles #2) - D.B. Jackson

Thieves' Quarry (Thieftaker Chronicles) - D. B. Jackson Thieves' Quarry - D. B. Jackson

What Better Way to Celebrate Independence Day? Excellent Book!!!


A day or two after Independence Day I noticed DB Jackson's new book Thieves Quarry was out. I enjoyed Thieftaker quite a bit and thought what better way to celebrate the holiday than with his new Historical Urban Fantasy. I have to say I was completely blown away. I liked the first one a lot but feel that Thieves Quarry was even better. I think this series might just be his best work yet which is saying a lot. Winds of the Forelands along with it's sequel series Blood of the Southlands are two series that are among my favorites when it comes to fantasy.

Once again DB Jackson proves that his world building is just as imaginative and strong as ever. His education in History goes a long way to making the book feel authentic. The magic is truly different and plausible. I can almost imagine real Conjurers during our Pre-Revolution days working as Theiftakers and soldiers. His characters are extremely life like and three dimensional. I love the fact that Ethan is a loyal citizen of England who up until events in this book has considered himself a Tory and not a Whig. Certain events that take place during the story start to change his views and while he's still a proud citizen of England he starts to become more sympathetic to the people of Boston and the colonies who are against England's newfound aggression. I think it takes a bold author to create a character that might not necessarily share his own personal point of views or opinions. It makes Ethan a much richer character. The characters in Thieves Quarry are not all black and white. Sure there are those that I consider heroes along with ones I think of as villains but hardly any of them are pure good or evil, they're made up of many shades of grey. Even the best of people make bad mistakes, much like Ethan in his youth when he took part in a naval mutiny. He served his time in hard labor for it. He's not perfect but who really is? The fact that he's a Speller or Conjurer when most people believe that they are witches and a product of Satan is bad enough. Sure the Salem Witch Trials may be long behind them but witches are still feared and hanged. So it's even worse for Ethan who is considered by many to have once betrayed England and his duty but he's a good guy. He made a mistake and paid for it dearly and does the best he can with what he has each day. He is a man of his word and will stand up for the little guy but he also obey's the law. He's as complex as he is unique and I applaud Mr. Coe for making him so. Saphira Price his main enemy and rival is equally complex and each scene she's in is deliciously fun.

I truly can't praise this book enough, it's as fine a fantasy as you'll find anywhere, actually it's much better than most. Whether you're into Urban Fantasy, High Fantasy or even Historical fantasy you'll enjoy Thieves Quarry. If you haven't read Thieftaker yet I urge you to do so. You're missing what just may be the finest fantasy series to come out this year