A Magical Book!

Passion Potion - Mary Beth Daniels

(Note: Another free book I had found.  At the time I had not really read any kind of paranormal romance books.  I considered this a fantasy since I just hadn't been able to wrap my mind around different genres back then such as paranormal, dystopian, etc.  Also if I were to grade this one today I would probably only give it 3.5 stars.  Not that it's a bad book but my tastes and expectations have grown since then and this one just doesn't equal five stars to me anymore.  Like I said before, I refuse to go back and change any ratings because it's not fair to the authors or myself.  I love to see the enthusiasm I had for certain books back that I read a while back.  Still, this was a fun book that I have no problem recommending to anyone. So here's another old review....by me!)


I found this book from visiting my favorite authors Facebook page and I'm so very glad for the recommendation. Jet is a Nix, a person who is born from Enchanter parents but doesn't have any magic, they can see magic but can't use it and nobody in the Enchanter (Witching) community is allowed to associate with Nix's. Her mother was a legendary chemist (a lot of Enchanters take chemistry for brewing their potions and stuff) but Jet has just failed school. Her grades have gone down since the death of her mom in a horrible accident, plus she just can't stay away from the cute guys. So on the way home to go back and live with her dad who's surprisingly not upset he drops a big bomb on her and tells her that her mom was an enchanter and was working on a powerful potion that's never been invented before: a love potion for a man named Dei Lucrii who turns out to be a Dark Enchanter and may be responsible for her moms death. Jet's mom had to remortgage the house to pay for all of the expensive components for the house and unless they can complete the dangerous potion they stand to lose everything. But how can a Nix without any powers possibly create a potion that killed one of the greatest Enchanters out there? You'll have to read to find out.

I normally don't read romance, I'm a guy but lately I've been pretty much reading anything as long as it has a good story and although Romance isn't my main love: I prefer anything with the supernatural but after reading this and a few other books they read just like the books I enjoy. There may be some romantic sex here and there but it's not overdone and in Passion Potion's case it just enhances the story. I really enjoyed the unique take on magic and hade a great time with Jet learning about her past and heritage. I can't recommend this book enough. Don't let the few ratings scare you off. I've read books with over 100 reviews that weren't half this good. Take a chance, it's only .99 and I would have gladly payed 5-7 dollars for it. I hope to read more adventures of Jet's someday and absolutely loved the world. Give it a try, get the sample, do anything, just read this book. You'll thank me for it later.