Urban Fantasy at it's Finest! Jane Yellowrock Rocks!!!

Blood Trade - Faith Hunter

Faith Hunters Jane Yellowrock series is one of my must read books. I eagerly look forward to each and every one and they never fail to satisfy me. Jane Yellowrock has gone through a lot during the span of the series and Blood Trade picks up exactly where Death's Rival left off. In Death's Rival you see Jane starting to get back to the basics and break away from the big bad Master of the City Leo and all his cronies and she goes even further in this book. She's got her own crew, friends and family and is no longer quite so dependent on Leo or any other organizations. Much like the first book Blood Trade shows Jane doing what she does best and that's hunting down rogue vampires and protecting the weak. Some old friends ask Jane for help while she's in the middle of working for the MOC of Natchez to hunt the leftover Naturaleza vampires that do not obey the Vampire Carta or law and believe they have the right to take their meals from whomever they want, whenever they want. And she gets caught up in a race against time to save a friend and figure out the mystery of who's controlling the Naturaleza and why.

I'm eagerly awaiting the next book in Jane's evolution and thoroughly enjoyed Blood Trade. Some more of her past is revealed and we get to start seeing the bigger picture and how everything she's done since coming to New Orleans is linked. The creation of the original vampires is finally explained but most importantly Jane going to Natchez and getting away from Leo for a while helps her to reestablish her independence and she gets backs to the basics. No more security detail, just killing the badguy's and helping the goodguy's. She still has help from a lot of old friends along with some new ones and I think this book is going to be a major turning point for Jane. I hope that her business (hunting vampires) will become broader. She's got good help, plenty of talent and she's good at what she does. The world needs someone who's not working for the Vampires or the Government. Someone who can help out both sides when needed but most importantly someone who will ALWAYS be there for the little guy. The Jane Yellowrock series simply rocks and if you've enjoyed the previous books then this one will be sure to please. If you haven't read any of the other books then what are you waiting for? Jane Yellowrock is Urban Fantasy at it's finest!