The Horsemen's Gambit (Blood of the Southlands, Book 2)

The Horsemen's Gambit - David B. Coe The second book in the Southland trilogy picks up where the first one left off. We're introduced to more characters and even though the source of the plauge has been stopped, it continues to spread weakining the Qirsi leaving them vulnerable to an attack that the humans have been dreaming of for years. As war brews in the Soutlands Grinsa's loyalties are tested. Once again he finds himself pitted between the Qirsi and the Eandi. Only this time his wife and the new home he hopes to make for himself are threatened. David B. Coe is an excellent writer. His characters are so extremely real and nothing ever feels fake or forced. He has a way with words and is very good at introducing alot of characters and making you like each and every one of them no matter how good or bad they are. The cast isn't quite as large as it was in the Forelands but it is every bit as intersting. I love these books.