The Sorcerers' Plague: Book One of Blood of the Southlands

The Sorcerers' Plague - David B. Coe I had just read the Wind of the Forelands which is one of my all time new favorite series and saw these books. I didn't know what they were about other than they were set in the same world and that they were written by David B. Coe which was enough for me. I was very happy and surprised to learn that they were about one of the main characters in the Winds of the Forelands and his continuing journey along with his new wife and child. Mr. Coe does it again. We are once agin thrown into the middle of political intrigue, action, adventure and the racism between the two races that the main character thought he'd left behind in the Forelands only to find that old grudges and feuds exist centuries later in the heart of his people's homeland. Only now a horrible plague is affecting the Qirsi's magic, using it against them, killing all in it's path and the main Weaver must find out who and or what is causing it. Especially if he wants to leave the powerful tribe of Qirsi that has claimed him. If he succeeds he and his wife may go free, if not then he must submit to the Chief and marry another Weaver leaving his wife. He doesn't intend for that to happen no matter what and his nature demands that he help to stop this horrible plague. All in all another excellent book in an awesome new series with strong characters that are as real as they come. I love this world!