Weavers of War: Book Five of Winds of the Forelands (Winds of the Forelands Tetralogy)

Weavers of War - David B. Coe Finally the Weavers face off in a war that will forever change the Forelands. Once again David B. Coe shows his mastery of the craft. With a large cast, plenty of action, adventure and political intrigue this book has it all. This is by far one of my favorite series of all times. The characters are very real, the magic plausible and the story itself as a whole was incredible. If you love fantasy then give this series a try. I promise you will not be disappointed. One of Mr. Coe's strongest points is his characters. Much like real life there isn't always just black and white, good and evil but shades of grey. At one point in the series I found myself laughing with glee as the badguy took over a kingdom. A badguy who I hated very much. That is a testemat to the power of his characters. When you can sympathize and support a villain that you hate then the author has done a damn fine job. The assassin who started it all is another example. I started out hating him but grew to really like his character and even sympathize a bit even if I didn't truly like his actions. Not that anyone just suddenly turns goody goody all of a sudden and goes agains their own natures. Nothing like that really happens it's just that he makes his characters so human that you can't help but enjoy them. All in all one of the best fantasy series I've ever read and I enjoyed every moment of it.