Cat Tales: Four Stories from the World of Jane Yellowrock: An eSpecialfrom the New American Library

Cat Tales - Faith Hunter If you're familiar with the world of Jane Yellowrock then these short stories will more than please. If you haven't read any of the Jane Yellowrock stories then these are a good place to start although I think you'll enjoy them so much more if you actaully read the series and honestly if you like Urban Fantasy in any form then you owe it to yourself to read the Jane Yellowrock series. In Cat's Tales we're introduced to four stories that not only add to our knowledge and enjoyment of Jane but are also fun to read.

The Four Short Stories are:

1. The Early Years - A short story about Jane which is set right after she left the Children's home that she grew up in. It's a story about finding ones self and sets the pace for the path that Jane will forever walk.

2. Cat Tats - How Rick LeFleur got the tattoes of the cats on him and is in his point of view.

3. Kits - The story of how Jane became good friends with Molly.

4. Blood, Fangs and Going Furry - A story with Rick LeFleur and Jane in Rick's point of view and takes place "immediatly" after the book Mercy Blade.

Along with these tales you also get a nice introduction from the Author which talks about how she came up with Jane Yellowrock and her world and a nice timeline for the series as a whole including the short stories so you'll know when they all took place. Honestly, it's a real value for the price. The quality of the short stories is top notch, the editing is perfect and the stories aren't super short nor too long. A great way to enhance your collection and a good way to learn more about Jane Yellowrock and her world. I loved every minute of it!