Blood Cross (Jane Yellowrock, Book 2)

Blood Cross - Faith Hunter I really liked the first Jane Yellowrock novel so I was happily surprised when the second one was even better. We get more info on the Vampires and their politics and lore. We get a better look at the Witchy community and we get to start seeing a new side of Jane all in one book. I really liked the tension between Jane and Leo in the first book but after what happened in it things are even more tense with Leo and not in a good way. I love the fact that Jane and Beast are two seperate entities who co-exist and help each other and the fact that they both have thier own distinct voices. I like it when Beast is in control and we get to listen to her thoughts. She's alot smarter than Jane realizes and does some pretty crazy stuff this time around. The badguys are even badder. Jane gets some help from some old friends and the showdown at the end was tense. Ahhh, it just doesn't get any better than this. At least not until the next book :)