Thieftaker (Thieftaker Chronicles)

Thieftaker - D.B. Jackson First of all I want to state that D.B. Jackson AKA David B. Coe is one of my favorite fantasy authors. I got into his books when I chanced upon the first book in his Winds of the Forelands series and bought the rest immediatly. If you haven't read them then do so, you will love them. David B. Coe finally has mixed his education in History with his art of writing and what he's produced is one of the best Historical Fantasies you'll ever read. The story is set in the pre Revolutionary era of Boston and involves Ethan Kaille a Thieftaker whose job it is to locate stolen goods. Only this particular Theiftaker is also a Conjurer or Spellmaker. I don't want to go into the story too much so I won't ruin it for you bet rest assured when purchasing this book that you're going to get a great story. David B. Coe is a master storyteller who's talent with words is as good if not better than the best authors in the field. He has a true talent when it comes to characters and "keeping them real". He doesn't do what alot of what I consider "High Fantasy" authors do which is give their villians/heroes unlimited power with hardly any explanation. His magic always feels real, even the most powerful characters have weaknesses. They're still only human. He also has such a way with the characters that even the evil one's are not over the top evil. There's alot of grey in his books instead of your standard black and white and I absolutely love it. Ethan Kaille is a man who feels fear, pain, and doubts. He's an honest man who's done some things in his past that he regrets. All of the characters feel real and nothing ever feels forced in his books. I could go on all day but I'll just say do yourself a favor and try this book out. You won't regret it.